Registered Sutlers for Wyoming 2014

Sutler ------ Wares
Beaver River Trading CompanyAxes, Tomahawks, Knives, Quill work, Handwoven Sashes, Accouterments.
Bethlehem Trading Postoutdoor clothing and equipment
Burnley & TowbridgeFabrics, Patterns, Shoes, etc...
Cauldren & Kettle
Dirty Billy's HatsHats
Dobyns an MartinGrocers
Florance Drum CompanyQuality Rope Tension Drums, Musical merchandise
Flying Canoe Traders USAClothing, Shoes and accessories
G.Gedney GodwinA little bit of everything - mostly military goods
Grossville ShoesShoes
Hemlock Hollow FloorclothsFloorcloths
Hendrickson Group
Historic DelightsRepro 18th C Jewelry, sleeve buttons, hat pins
Hoffman's Forgehand forged Axes, hatchets, tomahawks, shovels,cooking utensils
K. Walters at the Sign of the Grey HorseJewelry
Lady Ellen's Fine WareLadies, Childrens, Mens Clothing, Handsewn Hats, Giftwares
Leanne BechdelBootblacking and shoe shines
Liberty LinensLinen ,Wool Fabric, Sewing, Weaving and Lace Linen Threads, Patterns, Sewing accessories
Najecki ReproductionsHats, Buckles, Buttons, Shoes, Yard Goods, Lace, Accoutrements
Oxford Earthen Wareeathernware pottery
R.J.Butternut Sutlerscivilian and military reproductions, accoutrements, clothes and weaponry
Rancocas MerchantClothing, Fabric, period items
Ranger Reproductionscartridge boxes, leather or cloth accoutrement, hat blanks, musket tools
Royal Blue Tradersmilitary uniforms, civilian clothing, fabric and accoutrements
Smiling Fox ForgeClothing, Shoes, Axes, Knives and Colonial Goods
Smoke and Fire Co18th Century clothing, patterns, books, hats, potter
The Shortbread Exchange sutlery
U.S. Sword & Uniformcartridge boxes, bayonets and scabbards, swords, cap plates, foot wear and clothing
William Boothe DraperFabrics, Patterns, Notions, etc...