1/17/2014 For those visiting and require hotel lodging.

Click this link to the HOTELS.COM website showing hotels in the Mt. Cobb Area. Listed by distance from the event.

Note that hotels listed in Dunmore and Scranton are surrounded by all kinds of shopping, restaurants and other modern amenities.

1/17/2014 The registration process has now been automated for participation units.

Links to the Registered Units and Sutlers has also been automated, units are displayed as they register.

1/17/2014 A map of the planned battlefield has been posted. Maps of the Camps, Water, Wood, Hay and Port-Johns coming soon.

Click here to see the Battlefield Map

1/17/2014 Limited Space is available for those with Motor Homes. Please indicate your need for space in the Comments section of the Registration page.
2/3/2014 Click here Presentation 2014 for to download a copy of the Wyoming 2014 Presentation given at the CL/BB meeting in January.
7/1/2014 For those who have things to sell or trade, a blanket sale will be held a 7:00P.M. in the Program Area between the Camps.
7/6/2014 Click Here for directions to local area for Resturants and Stores. You should be able to find anything you may need. The local VFW will also be there during the public hours providing a choice of foods for those who don't want to go out./td>


Click here for registered Continental units.


Click here for registered British units.


Click herefor registered Sutlers.